open letter

Dear colleagues,

the research group "Heim-Theory" appreciates your interest in Heim's work.

The article in "New Scientist" was not written by us and, unfortunately, does not correlate with the present content of our web-site.The publication of our web address has resulted in a tremendous increase in data and email traffic received since the 7th of January 2006.

Most of the emails concern the same questions. We therefore decided to write an open letter (a copy of which also will be posted on our web-site) in reply. Only a few answers to specific scientific questions will be given individually and in due course.

Please keep in mind that we are a small group of scientists; all but one of us have no contractual membership to an institute or a company. No external financial support exists for our efforts. But almost all of us had the great fortune to meet Burkhard Heim personally many years ago. Some of us studied Heim's work for a longer period and we intend to continue to do so. The ingenuity of Burkhard Heim was evident at every meeting.

Burkhard Heim gave a series of lectures for instance at the Technical University of Berlin. He has also written one paper and 4 books, all in the German language (Printed by Resch-Verlag, Innsbruck, Austria). Because of his invalidity (blindness amongst others) Burkhard Heim could not proof  the layout of  his publications nor survey the stringent use of mathematical symbols selected. For this reason, and because of the very difficult terminology, Heim’s books are hard to read. Members of our group have found some incorrect derivations primarily in his first volume which however are not fundamental to his theory.

As far as we aware there are no plans to translate Heim's books. If ever there were interest in this a revision of the original text would be required. There is an English language translation of his paper, however, with two further overview papers in English written by members of the group:

  • Elementary Structures of Matter,
  • Heim's Theory of Elementary Particles,
  • The Physics of Burkhard Heim and its Application to Space Propulsion.

They were hosted on our site until 2003. If there is a renewed interest, we will re-release  these papers -but only after a revision of the content.

Finally, there were several papers in English, being lectures during the AIAA Joint Propulsion Conference, USA 2002 -2005, which give an introduction to Heim’s Theory with emphasis on its application in space propulsion. See:

What are our intentions for the future?

Very controversial discussions on Heim's Theory on various internet platforms have been reported to us. Because our personal capacity is small we have made it policy not to join these discussions. It amazes us how physicists who have done very little work on Heim's Theory can become so vehemently opposed to it.We have learnt that for these peoples the conventual formalities seem to be much more important than the scientific content.

We are willing, however, to give some clarifications. concerning fundamental problems of chapter D such as the conversion of Christoffel symbols to a tensor because of a polymetric statement or the derivation of the eigenvalue problem. That chapter is only presented in German at the moment. An English language version is forthcoming after time for a revision.

A talking book (CD) is in preparation which plays back Heim’s voice during a series of lectures and discussions on his theory. The possibility of an English version is being discussed at present. A sample of his voice will also be presented on our web-site.

Finally, a reviewed paper is now being prepared which gives an introduction to Heim’s Theory and the extension to eight dimensions, necessary for the realization of the new space propulsion method.


Research Group Heim Theory.